6 Different A’la Carte Options for Gourmet Tastes

Gourmet Tastes

6 Different A’la Carte Options for Gourmet Tastes

Are you ready to embark on a journey full of gourmet delicacies from the unique Far East to Italy, from there to fish varieties and the rich cuisine of our country?

6 different A’la Carte Restaurants, where you can taste the world’s most famous cuisines, are waiting for you with their renewed menus.

La Gustosa: İtalyan A’la Carte

From Carpaccio to pizza varieties, from Tiramisu to Panna Cotta, the best tastes from Italian cuisine are with you at La Gustosa.

Enjoy the world-famous Italian cuisine with the unique view of Karaburun Bay.

Octopus: Fish A’la Carte

Do you like seafood? Then we invite you to Octopus A’la Carte for a wonderful meal with appetizers and Mediterranean breeze by the sea.

Dragon: Far East A’la Carte

Special Far Eastern delicacies from Sushi to Manti, from Duck with Orange to Fried Ice Cream are waiting for you at Dragon A’la Carte.

Zeugma: Turkish A’la Carte

Would you like to take a journey to the tastes of Turkish cuisine on the balcony with a sea view or in the interior decorated with mosaics in Zeugma?