As Mylome Luxury Hotel & Resort;
We constantly improve Food Fafety Management and maintain mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners and suppliers in order to increase its effectiveness.
We provide safe and a hygienic environment at every stage of food safety, from choosing the right supplier to food preparation.
We continue our activities by complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
We organize ongoing trainings to ensure that our employees comply with and apply the food safety management system.


As Mylome Luxury Hotel & Resort;
We contribute to environmental sustainability by protecting nature, natural life and endemic species in our region.
We prevent pollution by reducing, recovering, recycling and disposing of wastes.
We implement various projects with different institutions and organizations for increasing environmental awareness among all our stakeholders.
We organize trainings in order to increase the evironmental awareness of our staff.
We aim to reduce wastes by using efficiently raw materials, energy and natural resources.
We aim to comply with all environmental laws and regulations.


As Mylome Luxury Hotel & Resort;
We evaluate our guests requests, suggestions and complaints with an impartial and fair approach.
We try to respond to our guests requests, suggestions and complaints according to the principle of confidentiality.
We provide trainings for all staff including the senior management of The Guest Relation Department in order to improve their skills and show the same sensitivity.
We strive to solve the questions and problems of our guests improving the quality of services and using all possible resourses to achieve this goal.


As Mylome Luxury Hotel & Resort;
We take all necessary precautions to notify employees in order to prevent accidents, dangerous situations and unsafe practices.
We develop the relevant infrastructure and make constant improvements in order to protect the health and safety of our staff and guests.
We increase our staff awareness of occupational health and safety through trainings.
By reducing the risk of accidents and occupational diseases at work, we provide a safety guarantee for the hotel.
We aim to remove risks related to occupational health and safety by following legal and international regulations and performing necessary practices.


As Mylome Luxury Hotel & Resort;
We aim to keep ‘Guest Satisfaction’ at the highest level and ensure the continuity and improvement of the service quality.
We constantly develop and improve our integrated Management Systems considering the quality of products and services.
We continue our activities based on national and international standards, according to the relevant legislation and administrative conditions.
We consider all our staff as the most important asset of our institution and constantly provide trainings in order to improve their knowledges and skills.
Staff satisfaction is one of our most important goals, according to the principle ‘Happy Staff, Happy Customer’.