Nature and History of Alanya


Nature and History of Alanya

Alanya, with its many historical and natural riches, is waiting for you within easy reach of the Mylome Luxury Hotel & Resort. Read our blog to learn more about the natural riches and history of Alanya.

A Real Mediterranean City


Alanya is a district of Antalya which is famous for its warm climate, green nature and rich history. Alanya is a tourism city with a population of 350 thousand and nearly 2 million tourists visiting the city every year. Alanya offers a long holiday season of up to 9 months and is the most important production center of tropical fruits such as avocado and banana in Türkiye.

Historical Spots

Alanya, which offers protection from outsiders with the natural barriers of the Mediterranean sea and Taurus mountains has hosted many different cultures throughout history thanks to this feature. Among the ancient ruins, Alanya Castle is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Anatolia.

Natural Beauties

The Taurus Mountains, which start just north of Alanya on the Mediterranean coast, are an integral part of life in Alanya. You can enjoy the nature of Taurus Mountains and pine forests in natural parks such as Dim Stream National Park and Kızılalan Forest Park.

Museums and Cultural Centers

Alanya’s largest museum is the Alanya Archeology Museum, which was opened in 1967. Artifacts from Alanya and its surroundings are exhibited in the museum, and there is a separate hall for the 52cm tall bronze Heracles statue, which is the symbol of the museum.Apart from the Archeology Museum, there are also smaller-scale museums and cultural centers in Alanya, such as the Herbarium, Culture House, Silk House and Alanya City Museum.